Patent attorneys, patent agent

Patent attorneys Kvashnin, Sapelnikov and partners offers complete range of services in the field of Intellectual Property in Russia and abroad. The company’s team includes Russian and Eurasian Patent Attorneys.

Today the company’s team consists of experts experienced in almost all fields of science and technology.

The services rendered by of the company cover the following objects of intellectual property: inventions, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks and appelation of origin.


Before launching patenting procedures on inventions, utility models or industrial designs it is advisable to verify the compliance of the object to the patentability criteria and also outline appropriate breadth of protection. It is already on the stage of drafting of application when the company’s experts get involved diligently preparing materials as required for filing in Russian, Eurasian and international patent offices, take on correspondence with examiners optimizing time and budget expenditures of the Clients.

The Intellectual Property Regulation, trade marksWhen the patent is obtained the patent holders may trust our company further maintenance of their title of protection. The experts’ assistance is worthwhile for:

firstly, it allows the patent holder to spare efforts to monitor deadlines of annuals;

secondly, the periods and terms of annuals are different in national patent offices;

thirdly, one should know how to calculate the fees, overpay is not refunded. 

Patent litigation

Many conscientious patent holders face serious obstacles when they launch their products in the market. The struggle for the market leadership is definitely tense today whether it is pharmacy or technology. That’s why deliberate or unconscious infringement of patent rights is inevitable. Company’s experts have accumulated more than 20-years’ experience of patent litigation.

Registration of Agreements on Patents

Bringing into life registered IP objects frequently urges conclusion of agreements between commercial establishments to regulate conditions of enjoying IP rights with due regard to legal provisions. Company’s experts offer thorough assistance in drafting agreements of any type and enable their smooth registration.

Trademarks and Appellations of Origin

Registration of trademarks under today’s conditions of intense commercial relations becomes more demanded on the one hand and strucks upon certain difficulties on the other. Choosing something original to reflect the company’s profile and to comply with legal requirements may be brainstorming. Company’s trademark attorneys carry out profound search to determine novelty of the designation and provide comprehensive analysis of registrability according to trademark legislation.

Patent and trademark applications, registration of Agreements and disputes

The company renders services in trademark registration in Russia, CIS countries and other countries reasonably reducing expenses on multinational registrations.

Trademark disputes

Despite immense efforts of trademark owners and trademark attorneys the number of trademark clashes is growing. Company’s attorneys go on to accumulate experience in trademark litigation and may offer professional services in protection of your means of individualization.

 Registration of Trademark Agreements

While using trademarks the need for fixing relations between companies may arise. Any type of agreement arranging exclusive rights of trademark owners require obligatory registration in the patent office. Company’s experts regularly deal with trademark agreements and may help trademark owners in the field of Russian patent law: to make a proper draft to preserve their rights and to meet official requirements.

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